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Open Source Six Sigma

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Open Source Six Sigma
6200 East Thomas Road, Suite 203
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Open Source Six Sigma (OSSS) is a Lean Six Sigma publication & licensing house. The OSSS Products have been utilized for over a decade to deliver Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt, Executive, Champion, Project Selection and Team Members training to thousands of candidates in multiple industries within various disciplines and have contributed a significant bottom-line financial impact for many organizations. Our products are used by the majority of the Lean Six Sigma community including within large and small internal corporate deployments, large and small consultancies and training providers, Universities, Technical & Community Colleges and by a large variety of independent trainers and students. OSSS is not a consulting or direct training company, therefore we do not provide fee based mentoring, coaching, training or consulting services related to the application and implementation of Lean Six Sigma. OSSS provides White Label Turn-Key Elearning Solutions, Corporate Enterprise Licensing, Training Provider White Label Partner Programs, as well as one-off Retail Product Licensing and Fulfillment Services. These specialized programs and licensing options were pioneered by OSSS and are specifically designed to service our wide variety of customer types across the Lean Six Sigma Community. OSSS is proud to have played an pivotal early-stage role in working with the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. With the cooperation of our large, wide-spread and diverse customer base OSSS helped IASSC establish and characterize what has come to be know today as the industries standard and universally accepted body of knowledge. For more about this project visit

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