Exam Administration Program

The IASSC Exam Administration Program defines a protocol and permits approved Companies, Organizations or Independent Agents to deliver IASSC Certification Exams to candidates in a traditional “Paper & Pencil” format.

The Exam Administration Program is, by default, a part of the Accredited Training Organization Program, Accredited Deployment Program, and the Accredited Training Associate Program. It is also available as a stand-alone program to Companies, Organizations or Independent Agents with a need to administer IASSC exams but are not interested in pursuing an accreditation.

Exam Administrators are Companies, Organizations or Independent Agents who organize and facilitate certification testing events. Proctors are designated individuals who operate under an Approved Exam Administrator and directly oversee a certification event whereby a group of candidates sit to complete IASSC certification exams. In some cases the Exam Administrator and Proctor can be the same individual. In most cases the Exam Administrator is a Company or Organization that designates a Proctor to oversee its IASSC certification events.

The Exam Administrator typically arranges certification events, orders Exam Packets, appoints and oversees a Proctor or acts as a Proctor. Each designated Proctor is required to independently attest to a thorough understanding of all rules, regulations, process & procedures. Exam Administrators are ultimately responsible to ensure their designated Proctors are familiar with and strictly enforce all program rules, regulations, process & procedures.

View Exam Pricing for IASSC Accredited Organization and Exam Administrators.

Steps to become an Authorized Exam Administrator

Step 1: Complete & Submit the Exam Administration Program Application Form.

Step 2: Have each of your Proctors submit the Proctor Registration Form.

Step 3: Order Exam Packets for your certification events using the Paper & Pencil Exam Ordering Form.