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Six Sigma Global Institute


Six Sigma Global Institute
6 Westerly Street
Boston, MA, 02130


Tel: 857-301-7744


Accreditation Number: 01-1139

Accredited Since: July 2016

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


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Six Sigma Global Institute has carefully crafted a learning-centered approach to Green and Black Belt education making it accessible to those from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our goal has been to create a clearly written and easily digestible course featuring short learning units with real world examples and case studies. And it is totally online and self-paced. The course material has been developed with the help of professors and consultants from across the world, individuals who have been affiliated with Harvard, MIT, Henley Business School, Renmin University in Beijing and the University of Naples, Federico II in Italy. To prepare you for our certification exam we include complete online course material, a study guide, electronic flash cards and a practice exam. Six Sigma Global Institute also works with organizations to offer employee training either online or on-site. We welcome your visit to our site at were you can read testimonials of individuals who have taken our program.