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Avantgarde Academy


Avantgarde Academy
46 Longmeadow Drive
Wilstead, MK45 3FB
United Kingdom


Tel: +44 7960920445


Accreditation Number: 01-1078

Accredited Since: August 2014

Black Belt
Green Belt
Yellow Belt


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Avant-garde Academy provides a unique proposition to all its clients and candidates. We are a hands-on training company who support the candidates with mentoring and coaching during and post training, thereby enabling successful delivery of improvement projects. Avant-garde Academy has been successfully delivering Strategy and Lean Six Sigma Training to organisations in the public and private sectors in over 10 countries. The Company has so far trained 1000+ Yellow Belts, 250+ Green Belts and 100+ Black Belts to certification level. On average our candidates deliver benefits equivalent to US$ 50,000 per Green Belt project and US$100,000 per Black Belt Project. Candidates have benefited with an increase in their incomes by around 25%-30%. All our trainers are Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts with over 20 years of Training as well as experience of delivering Lean Six Sigma projects. Avant-garde Academy guarantees Return of Investments (ROIs) of up to 8x for organisations and up to 2x for the candidates.