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Quantum TC Consulting


Quantum TC Consulting
2 Margaret Mead - Cuesta Brava
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Tel: (809) 350-5498


Accreditation Number: 01-1075

Accredited Since: July 2014

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


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Quantum TC Consulting is primarily a consulting organization which also offers certification training in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, yellow, green and black belt. Quantum TC also works with many Accredited ISO Certification Entities to provide implementation, consulting, and internal audit in many management systems. We are nationally recognized for our leadership in those fields. We have and are conducted government national wide certification programs in Lean Six Sigma designed for international manufacturers established in the country through the Free Zone Dominican incentive program. We can measure our success by the more than US$ 100 millions we have helped saved in the last few years mainly to the manufacturing industries for their participants certification project, besides contributing to the ISO certification of about 60% of the Small and Medium Size Businesses in the Dominican Republic in Quality, Safety, Environment, and Food Safety.