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This online application form should be used when applying for the Accredited Training Organization accreditation from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. The Accredited Training Organization, or ATO, is an accreditation meant for organizations that provide commercial and contract Lean Six Sigma training and consulting. The ATO Application Fee is $700 USD. You will be invoiced for this fee after you submit your application.

Organizational Information

Please enter the legal entity name of the organization applying for Accreditation.
Tell us a little bit about your organization. If you achieve accreditation this is will be posted to your accreditation profile on the IASSC website.
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Lean Six Sigma Programs

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If so please briefly describe the project requirements.
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Authorized Representative

Enter your name and contact information below. Review the terms and conditions before you submit your application. I hereby certify that that the information provided herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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Please read the following Terms and Conditions:

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) grants the status of Accredited Training Organization to qualifying parties. At such time as the designation is granted the party acknowledging this document (ATO) hereby agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this document for the period of time the ATO shall hold this designation. Terms and Conditions: At such time as IASSC may grant the Acknowledging Party the status of ATO that grant is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. ATO Business Practices: 1. IASSC authorizes an ATO the right to display itself as an Accredited Training Organization by use of the IASSC Marks provided to the ATO. 2. An ATO agrees to use said IASSC Marks in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the IASSC Marks Usage Policy. 3. For the term of the accreditation issued by IASSC, the ATO agrees to offer Lean Six Sigma belt courses substantially consistent with the Application Information approved by IASSC. 4. An ATO agrees to offer and administer the IASSC examinations in a manner consistent with the procedures described herein. 5. An ATO acknowledges the content of the IASSC Examinations is proprietary information and is owned by IASSC and may therefore not be copied or reproduced or managed in any manner not described herein. 6. Should an ATO wish to modify any of the Application Information the ATO shall give IASSC written of such intended modifications a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the intended implementation of such modifications such that IASSC may consider the impact of such modifications to ATO’s accredited status. Other Terms and Conditions: 1. The ATO accreditation is issued for a period of one (1) year. To renew the designation the ATO must submit the Application Information and the appropriate fee thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the current designation. 2. Should ATO default in compliance with any of the provisions of this document IASSC shall give written notice, with email serving as an acceptable means of written notice, as to the condition creating the default. ATO shall have thirty (30) days to provide evidence of the cure of said default OR IASSC may terminate the ATO’s designation. 3. Upon expiration or termination of the ATO accreditation ATO agrees to cease immediately the use of all IASSC Marks and any form of implication that the ATO has any continuing relationship with IASSC. 4. The ATO accreditation is not assignable. Should the ATO have a significant change in ownership the new entity must submit an ATO Application, the Application Information and appropriate fee. 5. ATO agrees that IASSC, at its sole discretion, may publicly list ATO on the IASSC website. Listing may include a link to the ATO's website along with other non-confidential information associated with the ATO. 6. This document shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, USA. Examination Procedure: At such time as the ATO wishes to have candidates sit for the IASSC Examination they shall follow the procedures described in the IASSC Accredited Entity Exam Administration Procedure as applicable for ATO’s. The IASSC Accredited Entity Exam Administration Procedure is provided as a separate document.

Accredited Courseware – the belt courses taught by the ATO as submitted to IASSC for accreditation approval.
Accredited Instructors – course instructors granted the Accredited Training Associate (ATA) designation by IASSC. Acknowledging Party – the entity acknowledging acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Application Information – all information and documentation submitted to IASSC by the ATO during the application process including but not limited to company description, course Tables of Content, Delivery Schema, training management systems and instructors.
Certification – designations given to persons whose successfully sit for an IASSC Examination.
Delivery Schema – the manner by which the course material is presented to a student including the amount of classroom time, mentoring time and/or online modules.
IASSC Examination – examination given to a candidate seeking Certification by IASSC.
IASSC Marks – the badges, logos and other IASSC trademarked symbols provided to the ATO for use in displaying their accredited status.
IASSC Marks Usage Policy – the rules regulating the ATO’s rights in use and presentation of the IASSC Marks.
Training Schema – the course delivery schedules as submitted to IASSC for accreditation consideration.

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